Saturday, April 8, 2017


Doljo Beach is located at Barangay Doljo, Panglao Island. It lies on the northwest side of the island and at its very tip. It is 15 kilometers from Alona Beach; 35 minutes by outrigger boat and 10 minutes away by car.
It is much nearer though to Momo Beach at Tangnan which lies on the same side of the island. The beach is only 20 minutes ride away from Tagbilaran City.
The 3km beach is relatively unexplored and undeveloped, wide and with white sand that stretches so far out and the sea bed slopping gently towards the deep. It is fringed with tall coconut palm trees which add much to its tropical look.

The place is noted for its beautiful and exquisite seashells. With calm, deep and clear waters and the sea bed free of sea grasses plus myriads of colorful marine life, it is a favorite hang-out of local folks.
Some private residences have put up native huts with seats and rent them out to the picnickers. A place where we had our reunion way back in 2005 (sorry but i forgot the name of the resort) had long cement tables and a covered pavilion aside from native huts. Old Talisay trees abound aside from the coconut palm trees. -

Doljo Beach might be one of the major beaches on Panglao Island in number of resorts, but it is distinctly low-key and quiet compared to the Alona / Dumaluan side of the island. There are few facilities like restaurants and spas outside the resorts, but there is a local community scattered along the main road here that gives the place a rustic and friendly feel. The locals are fishermen-farmers, with a small fleet of local outrigger boats anchored in the shallows off the beach.

And interestingly, two of Panglao Island's top resorts are found here, Bellevue Resort and The Ananyana.
During weekends and holidays Filipino companies and groups from Cebu and Manila sometimes come here for parties and company incentive outings. Typically, they spend a lot of time eating and drinking, and playing games on the sand.
With 1,500 metres of sand, Doljo is one of the biggest beaches on this island dominated by rocky shores. The sand is wide with a gradual slope into shallow water. The beach shallows extend 250 metres out to the outer edge of off-shore reef. This barrier reef protects the beach but also holds in so much sand that swimming is only possible at high tide.

The thick forest of coconut palms at the top of the beach gives Doljo the 'tropical paradise' look – like no other on Panglao. Most of this beach is still backed by open coconut plantations, though expect this to change in the coming years as the fame of Panglao and Bohol grows and more resorts spring up.
Thick lines of flotsam can be seen on the beach in our Editor Photos, though happily most of it is natural, and thus bio-degradable. The resorts clean it in front of their own establishments, while the rest of the beach has the 'natural' brown look till spring tides wash the fibrous layer high over the sand. This is definitely one of the most naturally beautiful beaches on Panglao Island, while some might argue that it is the very best. -